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Write for Us – Become a Guest Author at Usnewsed

Thanks for showing interest to write for us. Guest posting is something that can help the editor as well as the writer to have great exposure in the industry. It basically means to promote himself/herself or the quality of writing through an established one. 

Through the guest post, you can show the quality of your article or content to the people who are reading or consuming the content. As well as you can get some offers from them on guest posting also. Guest posting is something that will help everybody reach the world of blogging.

What do we want from a guest post?

If you really want to get published on Usnewsed with your guest post, then you need to maintain some requirements. The post you are approaching should have some value that can be added to the user. The guest post must be interesting, full of information, data-driven, etc. The points you need to keep in your mind are-

  • Guest Post should be well researched, and original, never publish on another platform, and Do not use AI.
  • The content should be in proper format using subheadings, short paragraphs, bullet points, internal and external linking, etc.
  • Do not use promotional links, case studies, etc.

Topics we Accept

By guest posting, one can have good exposure in the industry as well as it can help to earn more and more. You can take it as a side hustle also. Here as a brand we really take care of our readers and always give them value through our blog. Here we accept topics that are related to our blog or that the readers are interested to read. So, the topics we accept as guest posts are-

  • Technology
  • News
  • Political events
  • Trending Topics
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Make Money
  • Investing
  • And Much more.

Note: We do not accept Casnio and Gambling articles.

Guidelines to submit the content(Write for Us)

The guidelines you need to follow to get approval as a guest post are-

  1. The content should contain 1000-1500 words.
  2. The guest post must not be published anywhere else.
  3. The images should be copyright free and optimized.
  4. The content must be plagiarism-free and well-researched or data-oriented.
  5. The outgoing links should be related to your blog.
  6. The guest post should match the brand or editor’s criteria.
  7. To submit your article, first, send your pitch here ([email protected]
  8. Send a Guest post in Google Docs and Make sure your article was editable.
  9. The editor has the right to reject it, and ask for a recheck of it.

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Here we have decided to work with real people and people who can help us to grow our brand or to grow together. So, we are open to guest posting. But for that you need to contact us, right? So, for that, you can contact us through social media where you can get much other information also. This also helps us and you to improve your visibility to the world.


We are getting almost 100 requests on a daily basis for guest posting. So, it is not possible to reply to everyone. We have our criteria and if your post gets selected then we will let you know. Do not knock us for any updates.