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Why iPhone is Better Than Android

17 Reasons Why iPhone is Better Than Android

Android is the most used platform or operating system worldwide, and we can not deny that. But obviously, the IOS or Apple is also one of the most demandable platforms in the world. And there are many reasons why apple is demandable. 

Because they have shown complete quality in terms of hardware and software both. But Android is also providing a better or more understandable user interface, choice, customization, etc. 

Behind the demand of the IOS or Apple, a few strong reasons are working, like- Brand, Status, Security, and obviously the quality of the product, etc. But many of us have a confusion that which one would be the best for us, and also we think that the iPhone is better than Andriod. 

So, here I am going to discuss or give you some knowledge on some pros and cons of Android and IOS. And here are the comparison table-

Android iPhone/IOS
Here a lot can be customized, almost everything.The customization is limited here.
The source model is open here. The source here is closed, with open-source components.
Here you will get to use Google Maps. Apple Map is the default here.
For Android, the assistance is Google Assistant. For IOS, the assistant is called Siri. 
In the Google Play Store, almost, 2,500,000 plus apps are present or available.In the Apple store, 1,800,000 plus apps are available.
In Android, File Manager is present. In IOS, the File app is less usable or limited.
Free apps are available for an automatic backup of photos and videos unlimitedly. Only up to 5 GB of photos and videos can be automatically backed up with iCloud. 
In Android, you will get regular updates. Here you will get Occasional Security updates. But it is somehow proven that this OS is more secure.
The OS family is Linux. The OS family is UNIX, X.
This OS is in more use. Available on phones, and tablets, like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, etc. Only Available on Ipads, iPhones, Apple TVs, etc.
Available in 100 plus languages. This software is available in 40 plus languages.

So, now let me discuss some of the key points on Why the iPhone is Better Than the Android.

1. Software and Hardware Integration-

The iPhone has created an ecosystem of its own. Because it has both its own hardware and software. And they made both just to make the coordination between hardware and software more effective or more perfect. Now if I talk about Android then its hardware is made by some companies like MediaTek, Qualcomm, etc but OS is a common type for all brands. So, nobody’s using the hardware and software they’re using for the iPhone.

2. Easy to use-

IPhone does not give many customization options to the user, while Android is giving you good customization options to the user. Although iPhone users will say that they are very accustomed to IOS, for a new user it is not as easy as Android. And the best thing about iPhone is that it will not give many options to the users so that users will not get confused whereas Android has many options and at times users can get confused. Even in appearance, the look of IOS is different from Android UI.

3. Regular OS Updates-

Android is about to deliver a very seasonal update. They update their OS as per preferences and it will not sync with google. Also, the update will not be for all brands or phones. Also, there is a very scheduled update for iOS on the phone. There will be no discrimination when it comes to iOS. They will provide updates on a very regular basis. And if your phone is up to date, it should obviously work faster, and some optimizations may be involved.

4. Security and Encryption-

When it comes to security nothing can beat the gold standard that is iOS. iPhone is designed in such a way that no one can hack that phone or iOS. iPhone security like fingerprint and face lock is stored directly in the phone itself and not on cloud servers. iPhone uses encrypted memory. Therefore, it is not possible to hack it and read personal data. One of the main reasons for this is that the iPhone uses almost everything that the company manufactures itself. And on the other hand, Android is not as secure as iOS.

5. Lack Of Choices

Yes, it is true that Android will give you tons of options. This can be in terms of brand, model, specification, price, etc. Sometimes it gets confusing even to choose a model from a huge collection within the budget. But iOS won’t give you much choice. They generally launch a maximum of two to three models in a year. One more thing, everything will change with the price for Android. But for iOS, they only change the camera module, screen size, and storage.

6. 3D Touch

Here too the iPhone is slightly ahead of Android. iPhone gives its users 3D Touch on their phone and it performs according to the sensitivity pressure and gives the result accordingly. Apple will allow micro menu options to get the best 3D experience. But to date, Android is not providing 3D Touch on their phones. Android has a feature for long-pressing the button, but it’s not as responsive as Apple’s 3D Touch.

7. Absence of Bloatware

Bloatware is software, but the usefulness of this software is very limited because it requires a very large amount of memory and disk space. So, Apple does not provide any bloatware to its user and that is why it becomes so worthy. And if needed, you can also uninstall some pre-installed apps on the phone. But for Android, we cannot remove or uninstall the pre-installed apps. For that, you need to root your device.

8. App Store Restrictions

If an application needs to fit in the Apple Store, the application needs to pass through various processes to check the quality of the application. Also, no one can crack that application for free or just for use. Apple has some pretty strict review policies for testing apps. And also, it should be very responsive and follow all the guidelines while displayed on the screen. The review speed is also very high, if everything goes well, the app can be listed within a day. Android also has some guidelines for listing apps in the Play Store. But it is comparatively easy to get it listed in the Play Store.

9. iPhones are faster and Smoother

Many of us have used both iOS and Android for many years. So, we know that IOS is slightly ahead of Android in terms of performance. But that doesn’t mean Androids aren’t up to the mark. Yes, there are many android brands present in the market, that are doing very well with their brand and the performance is also very good. But yes, it is true that iOS is better than many. 

The reason behind this is the built quality of the product. They are using their OS, App Store, etc. Not only the powerful space but the performance also depends on the processor the company is using. Here one of the most important things which we should consider is the cost of the product.

The cost of IOS is quite high compared to Android. Plus, Apple has a tight ecosystem to integrate well with software and hardware. But if you compare with the same price range then obviously iOS is smoother and faster than Android.

10. The best apps first

iOS is the most premium segment of the industry. Hence, all their products are premium. And the person who is using iPhone knows that the Apple store does not have any kind which is very old and the quality is also not good. The App Store is full of quality apps all the time. Many times we have seen that an app that is already in the Google play store is not able to enter in Apple play store for a very long time. The reason behind this, as I discussed earlier, is the review process of iOS. Also, many apps are present in the Apple Store and become very famous among users, but after coming to Android, users are not liking them. So, the overall best quality app you will get on both platforms depends from app to app. You can take the example of the Fortnite app to understand.

11. Works beautifully with Macs

Maybe many of you have not used Mac to date. But you’d be surprised to know how well it works with the iPhone. Mac OS has the Continuity feature and with it, you can certainly use your MacBook only for receiving or sending messages. Here, all you have to do is keep your phone handy. That’s it. If you want to share something from your MacBook to your phone, the best feature is AirDrop. You can transfer your videos and photos via WiFi. With Mojave and iOS 12 and the use of the Continuity Camera feature, you can transfer photos to Documents and Mail instantly. And everything will be synced to iCloud.

12. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is their competitor in the market along with Google Pay and Samsung Pay. This feature is very unique and very easy to use. To pay through it, all you have to do is bring your Apple Pay or phone very close to a supported payment terminal and then press on Apple’s touch sensor. But if you’re not too comfortable with payment systems, you can try something else like sending or receiving via messaging apps. And for iOS, the app is already in the store on the phone.

13. Family Sharing

This feature is one of the unique features of the iPhone. If your family members are using iPhones then this is going to be quite an interesting feature. You can share purchases (iTunes, iBooks, etc.) with your family members like mom, dad, and brother, and up to 6 people. And while doing so, you can also keep your own iTunes account. Most importantly, when a junior wants to buy something, the account holder will get a notification with the buy feature. So you can track everything. Also, other family sharing like photo sharing, video sharing, etc. you can map at once.

14. Best support and help

After-sales service or support is one of the most important things when you are buying a product. Here if we compare Android and IOS, then you will see a clear difference between these two. Whenever your Android crashes, we usually take the help of our friends and family members, or if it is very necessary, we have to go to an expert. In most cases, you will not get any online support or live chat support. But in the case of iOS, you will get dedicated articles, you can get help from their website, also you can get live chat support.

15. Resale value

If you compare these two OS in terms of affordability, it is obvious that Android is more affordable than iOS. But everything has a resale value, doesn’t it? And we know that the brand comes first here. If the product comes from a big and good brand then it will get more resale value than others. So, iOS or iPhone will obviously have a higher resale value than Android. The product cost of iOS is also very high at the same time.

16. Apple AirTags

Connectivity with Bluetooth is at its peak at the moment. Everything or every technology that comes in the market is connected to the Bluetooth of our phones. We know some devices like Samsung Bluetooth tracker or many android Bluetooth trackers. But Apple Tracker is one of the best trackers or tags present in the market. Yes, it is also true that its price is also reasonable. But that can be given for the right product. Apple’s range of trackers is really great. You don’t need any third-party apps to pair or control this product, everything is handled by the phone. Therefore, the synergy with the product is very good as compared to other products.

17. Contactless payments

Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Phone Pay, such apps are present in the market and there is no doubt that they are very good at what they do. But Android users still know, that sometimes they face some kind of problems with the product like server down, application not opening, etc. It is one of the best apps that people are using for contactless payment. Many banks also support it. Apple is also offering discounts for first-time users.

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If you are an IOS and Android user, you can understand that IOS is more efficient than Android in many areas. iOS has some very good qualities like- the best product, best brand value, high-quality security, best resale value, etc. But it also has a good product cost. Even Android is more affordable and more user-friendly for most smartphone users in the world. But the glitches lie more with Android. So whenever you are buying a product, buy it according to your need and your budget.


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