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ChatGPT launches new Paid version.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month: Here’s what it offers, how to access it

The ChatGPT version of OpenAI now launches a new paid version that offers quality and the fastest results. But how can you access it? Read full article

Nowadays ChatGPT is a more popular AI platform for marketers and YouTubers. Open AI’s ChatGPT is one of the best and fastest software that got 100 million users in the last 3 months.

Sometimes ChatGPT has to face server down due to high traffic, keeping so many users in mind, the company decided to start a paid subscription plan which will cost $20 per month. How will premium ChatGPT be, how will you be able to use it and how can it help you? Today we will see through this article.

What is ChatGPT Plus and what are its key features?

According to OpenAI, this pilot subscription plan will provide you with quality results and faster response. Response time will not be a problem at all whenever their servers are in high demand, which has been a problem. When OpenAI launched its chatbot recently, its CEO “Sam Altman” tweeted that the cost of running this chat server – which is done on a cloud server – is high. So they have to monetize the service somehow. For this reason, OpenAI has decided that it will launch a premium subscription plan.

So does everyone have to pay to access ChatGPT now?

No, the free version will always be available to you. So you will be able to continue the next daily task which you are doing now.

How do I get the paid version of ChatGPT? It sounds better.

The paid version is not yet open to everyone. OpenAI says that for now they will invite users in small groups and check their availability and capability. When this invitation will be sent, they have not told me yet. Users would sign up using Google Docs and wait on a waiting list. You will find this form on the OpenAI site. This plan will be for those who will join their user’s group and this plan will be Launched first in the United States.

I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. But I want to cancel this. Is it an option?

Just like other services you can unsubscribe from this plan at any time. You just have to visit the ChatGPT sidebar option and you can find “Manage my subscription”. They will take you to the next page where you can cancel the plan. OpenAI recommends that “to avoid being charged for your next billing period, cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to your next billing date.” Fees once paid are non-refundable.

And if your account is suspended for violating ChatGPT terms and policy then you will not get a refund of your amount. For now, OpenAI only uses the Credit Card option to pay.

What about using ChatGPT in Microsoft Bing Search? When will that happen?

Microsoft unveiled their Bing Search chatbot option, which has all the same features as the ChatGPT model, to compete with the open AI technology known as ChatGPT. Microsoft claims that the software they use for the Bing Search model is more complex than that of ChatGPT and that its AI features also call for a queue. If it is a GPT 4 model or not is not yet known. Hopefully, further information on the tests will be released soon.

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