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best toys for pigs

Best Toys for Pigs and Pig Enrichment Ideas

Do you want to know how to keep pigs entertained? There are plenty of best toys for pigs in the market. Using these toys you can create pig enrichment ideas.

Pigs are intelligent, social animals that need stimulation and enrichment in order to thrive. A bored pig is a destructive pig, so it’s important to provide your pet pig with plenty of toys and activity options.

When it comes to choosing the best toys for pigs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, pigs are rooters, so any toy that can be dug or scratched will be a hit. 

Second, pigs love to chew, so Tough Toys that can stand up to some serious gnawing are a good choice. 

And finally, because pigs are social animals, they love toys that encourage play and interaction.

To help you choose the best toys for your pet pig, we’ve put together a list of our favorite options. From root-able balls to interact.

How to entertain a pig?

As I said, pigs are almost like humans and have a friendly disposition. They have all the senses like humans. So, the most important thing is that you have to think like a human being to make them happy. So there are some pig enrichment ideas that you should keep in your mind to entertain.

  1. Please give them a Mud-Pit. A mud pit will be very relaxing, and entertaining for them. Also, it is very good for their skin also.
  1. Give them a pool. Pigs like water very much. A pool can be the best thing for them to play on a hot day. 
  1. The hanging tree also can be one of the best ways to entertain them. But the tree should be a short one. 
  1. You can give them Balls to play with. Balls also can be one of the best instruments to play for them.
  1. Sandpits also can be a very good thing to play with. But remember that the sand has its own or different texture, so you should avoid burying trees that have a lot of witty content. Instead of that witty, hide things under the dry sand.
  1. You can also give them boxes to play with. They will love to play with these plastic or wooden boxes. 

Now here are some examples of Best Enrichment Toys For Pigs-

Pig Enrichment Activities and Best Toys for Pigs

1. Treat Balls or dispensers:-

Treat Balls or dispensers

This toy is made with non-toxic healthy and safe material. This beautiful toy is made of the best quality food grade or ABS material. It is a very durable, non-toxic, and safe food container. This toy is very suitable for all kinds of pigs, like small sizes, or big sizes.

  • How to play-

This toy will in some way make your pig happy and energetic if they play with this toy. It can be the best puzzle if you just put the food into the toy or container. This will work as a physical activity for your pig. Because by this your pig will be physically and mentally active. Also, this will smell very good, so it will attract your pig and by this, your pig will get bored. Also, they can play it with just a little bit of push on it from one point, and again the pig will push it from another point. Just like a football the pig can play it.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. This toy is made up of non-toxic safe material.
  2. It can reduce the boredom of your pig.
  3. This is very easy to use and clean. 
  4. It can keep your pig physically and mentally active.
  • Cons-
  1. Sometimes it can be irritating for the pig.

2. Homemade treat dispensers:-

Treats dispenser best toy for pigs

This toy can give excellent mental exercise to your pig. This toy is available in two sizes. One is for the miniature pigs and the second one is for the larger pigs. The sizes are 3 inches and 4 inches. These ball toys are very interesting to play with. While playing the pigs can learn how to roll that ball, and that can be a very good physical and mental exercise for your pig. 

  • How to play-

As you know that this ball comes in two different sizes. So, playing this game can be a very good exercise for your pig. Also, it can promote a healthy lifestyle for your pig. Just put a portion of your pig’s meal in that ball, and then allow them to eat that food when it is dispensed or rolled. It can be filled with any food, and you can set up the difficulty level for that food. By this, you can provide an active feeding process to your pig. As well as it will give the needed exercise to your pig.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. It can be a very good mental and physical exercise.
  2. This ball is customizable.
  3. It can keep your pig busy for a long time.
  4. It will provide a slower and healthier feeding.
  • Cons-
  1. As it can keep you busy for a long time, sometimes it can give boredom to your pig.

3. Other food balls:-

Other food balls to entertain a pig.

You can try different types of food balls. Pigs love rubber dog toys with webbed surfaces that can be purchased on Amazon or at pet supply stores. Grass clippings, lettuce and vegetables work fantastically as stuffing. The pigs will have to work very hard to get the food out. Additionally, you can load some crumpled newspaper or cloth inside with snacks or pellets. A whispering ball with holes is another option. Simply cover as many holes as necessary to achieve the chosen degree of difficulty.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. This can reduce the boredom of the pig. 
  2. This will keep them mentally and physically busy.
  3. It can be a very good indoor and outdoor game.
  4. This game is very interactive.
  • Cons-
  1. This is a food game, so you have to keep some food ready always.

4. Sandbox or Sandpit:-

Sandbox or Sandpit

We know how much the pigs like to play in a sandbox or sandpit. So, by the name you can understand that it is going to be an interesting game. This particular toy box is made of or designed in a certain manner so that the bunkers can prevent toys and sand from being contaminated. It is coming in three sizes. The cover of that sandbox can be used as the garden pool cover, swimming pool cover, dust cover, etc. Also, it can guard the water against falling leaves in the garden.

  • How to play-

As I told you, the cover of the sandbox is made up of water-resistant material, so you can use it anywhere. It is a very lightweight fabric. This big water and the dust-resistant thing will protect the animal or your pig from falling also. The drawstring design of this sandpit will prevent snow from falling from very heavy sun rays, etc. Just keep the sandbox in a particular place, and then shade it by that cover, and then keep your pig under it. They can play under it easily.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. This can be a multi-usage game for your children as well as for your pig also.
  2. This is a dust-proof game.
  3. It can also protect the UV rays.
  • Cons-
  1. This game can give boredom in your pig after some time.

5. Hay pile or box:-

Hay pile or box

This is something different from the other games here. This is just like a waste bin or bag. This should be put over the one wall and bale and that has to be 4 feet tall or height. So that it can be opened easily and fit easily. But you have to remember that the bale must have 4 feet in height, not more than that. This is one of the best and softest nets ever over a period of time. 

  • How to play-

First, you have to take some holes near you, when you are going to feed your pig. The pig can be very destructive if the pig does not know the process, or if you are feeding him or her for the first time. You can use a knotless for this. You know that the material is net type, not metal type, so some wear and tear is possible if the pig’s behavior is not right.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. This is something unique from the others.
  2. The material is very soft.
  3. You can return the unused ones if you have ordered the wrong size.
  • Cons-
  1. If you are doing it for the first time then it may create some confusion.

6. Rooting Box:-

Rooting box for pigs.

This game is designed with interlocking buttons and 4 corner locks. Here you can choose a covered branch to fix the rooting box so that it will be in a suitable position. For that, it does not matter whether there is no support below it or not, it will not fall. And if you want then, you can use plastics or ropes to tie it strongly, so you will get a confirmation.

  • How to play-

At the position of rooting, firstly just cut off that packet of the tree clearly. And then cover the naked tree part with that box, and that should be filled with moss or garden soil. And now just tie it up strongly so that the moss or garden soil can stay in touch with the naked part, so it will help to root. And then depending on the condition, it will take almost 6 to 8 weeks and then it will be filled with the roots.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. It has fast rooting and a high rate of survival.
  2. The material is not so hard.
  3. You will get some extra but important things with it.
  • Cons-
  1. First, you should learn about rooting, and then you should start.

7. Hanging Treats:-

Hanging treats

This bunny chew toy is coming with a variety of chew toys on it.  This game has many things in it. Like the wood rings, applewood rings, carrot-shaped grass, etc. By this, your pig will get many new toys every day. The best part of this game is, the materials are very natural. As it is made of wood. So it is safe for your pig also, even if they chew it will not harm them. It will allow them to play with their wooden toys instead of damaging the furniture of the home.

  • How to play-

As you can understand by the name, it has some unique features to the other games. In the room or anywhere in the garden you have to hang it. Then in it, there are many things that are hanging from it. Like the ropes, applewood, etc. Different types of toys are hung from it. Now your pig can chew it, or play with it. We know that for these kinds of animals we need something that will keep them busy almost all the time. Even if they chew it, it will increase their digestive system. The toys will look like some vegetables or fruit so it will be easy for them to chew.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. All the toys are made up of natural plants. 
  2. They are safe for their digestive system also.
  3. This can be a perfect gift also.
  4. It will help you to protect your furniture from animals.
  • Cons-
  1. This game can give boredom to your animal after some time because the toys will get destroyed after a few days only.

8. Cardboard Box:-

Cardboard Box: best toys for pigs.

We all know that this cardboard game got the popularity of the whole world or nation. This is a very interesting and fun game to play. This game is loved by almost 30,000 plus people. Because it has a more versatile and new play house that is why people are loving it. The playhouses are- Hide, Chew, Sleep, and Run. And most importantly Crunchy Cono is the most desirable all-in-one game for your pig. You can use it as the front part of the game.

  • How to play-

You can check that it has four facets. Like it has on the above paper tape, at the side food touch safe ink, at the front virgin paper, and at the corner non-toxic glue in the cardboard. In the room of your pig, you can place it like a hide-and-seek game. And make your little pig enter into it. This can be a very fun as well as an enjoyable game for them. And then if you want then you can close that box to play with them. They will surely love it. You can place it anywhere in your house. Like you can place it in the garden, in-room or anywhere you want.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. The materials are very safe.
  2. The toy is portable.
  3. You can easily assemble it.
  4. It is also chewable.
  • Cons-
  1. You may have to replace it after some time because it is not that durable.

9. Frozen Swing:-

Frozen swing game for pig

This game is a very easy and understandable game to play with your pig in the house. This game will surely give them immense pleasure. This game is fully enclosed and it has good features also it has a high back for additional support and safety also. The swing chains are almost 66” long and the bottom ones are almost 33” long. It is coated with yellow plastisol for a pinch-free grip.

  • How to play-

First, adjust a wooden plate or iron plate in the garden or in the house to hang the chains the toy or game has. And then adjust the 66 inches long chain to hang properly. The chains are coated so it will give an extra good grip. The bucket seat is also very durable. So, it can give you or your pig 360-degree safety. Then put your pig in the bucket after hanging it properly. It can be a good place for them to sleep also. 

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. It will not give your pig boredom.
  2. The materials are very reliable.
  3. It will keep your pig from being naughty in the room.
  • Cons-
  1. You should place it in the room or at home only. 

10. Food Hide:-

Food hide best toys for pigs.

This game is an indoor enrichment game. In this game, you will get some instruments that you have to take care of to make some interesting instruments. That can give your pig a good play option. Your pig can have a meal through it. This game can give mental and physical satisfaction to your pig. You can set the difficulty level here, and then ask or make them play that game. 

  • How to play-

It is a super slow feeding package. It has got some nose-work that can be set with hiding spots. It will remove boredom from your pig. First, you have to open this toy fully. Then you will see many pockets within it. Then you can put some food or treats in it. And then you can set the difficulty level while hiding the pockets filled with food. And then your pig will try to open those pockets to eat those treats. This way you can play with your pigs. It has a total of 11 pockets and these are very soft.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. The materials are very soft.
  2. This game can be a problem-solving education.
  3. It can be an exercise for your pig.
  • Cons-
  1. It should be filled with food every time.

11. Scents:-

Scent perfume for animals

This is a long-lasting fragrance that comes with a cologne special finishing touch. It will provide a special and good atmosphere around you. These fragrances are good in quality and safe for your pig also. This scent has many uses. And it will give a few benefits also. Like- Long-lasting, no chemical, completely natural, etc. Your pig will love this smell. 

  • Direction For Use-

As we know, before using any kind of fragrance you should shake well, so here also you have to shake well before you use it. Then you should spray it directly on the dry or coat. And remember it should not go into the pig’s eyes. And lastly here is a caution for you, that is- it is for external use only.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. Very rare and good fragrance.
  2. It can amaze your animal.
  • Cons-
  1. You should take care of your pet’s eyes. 

12. Treat Jugs:-

Treat jugs for pigs

This is a BPA-free approved cap that is easy to twist on. The dimension of this jug is also very attractive. This is a 1-gallon glass jar, and this is great for many kinds of uses. It can be used for canning or pickling, sun tea, etc. Also, you can use it to keep some dry things in it. This jar is not heat-treated. And it comes with a plastic cap, which is far better than metal caps.

  • How to use-

This jar has a 110 mm thread finish. It has a clean and clear look. This is a wide-mouth jar. And this can be used for many purposes. You can use it to use some regular things in your house as well as you can use it to keep some food or treats for your pig. Mainly it can be a kitchen tool. This can be better than the glass jar.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. It has a wide mouth.
  2. The material is good for dryness.
  • Cons-
  1. It is mainly a kitchen tool.

13. Tube Dispenser:-

Tube dispenser toys for pigs

This is a premium quality wide-mouth series limit water bottle. It is designed to be the best quality and best long-lasting bottle. It is made up of thick high-quality BPA-free material with water resistance. This is a small water bottle that you can use for your pig or any other animal. The material is so good which is why it will not harm your pig. The front portion is made up of stainless steel, so it is also good for the animal.

  • How to use-

As you know that this bottle has a large open mouth, so it becomes so easy to clean and refill. The front portion is made with American steel so it will be easy for your pig to drink from it. Also, it has or is coming in multiple sizes so it does not matter that your animal is big or small they can easily have water or any liquid from it. It can also be your kitchen item.

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. It is made up of BPA-free material.
  2. The front portion is made of stainless steel.
  • Cons-
  1. It is also mainly used for kitchen items. 

MUD Games

Almost all types of pigs like playing and rolling in mud. Today I will share some ideas on how to entertain a pig using mud games and toys.

1. Plastic Crates:-

Plastic Crates best toys for pigs

This is an indoor and outdoor canvas cage. It is mainly for pigs and other small animals. This is an iron cage to keep everything safe and secure. The surface of this cage is very effective and beautiful and it will provide a good smell also. It has a divider also. So it will help you to keep two to three animals in it. The bottom is made up of leak-proof material. 

  • How to use-

It can be a habitat for small animals and obviously for your pig also. This is very light in weight so you can carry it with you wherever you are going including the pig or the animal in it. For the animal, it will be like a separate room for him or her. This cage is very easy to set up and also very easy to clean up. So, keep your animal in the cage and make a separate room for the animal by giving it everything they want in it. 

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. Very easy to set up.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Very light in weight.
  • Cons-
  1. It may give boredom to your animal or pig after some time. 

2. Trick or Command Training:-

Trick or command book for pigs.

It is a Halloween kind of book with all the pictures. The costumes in the pictures are very dark and they reflect light from it. Also, the costumes are very cozy and have masks also. This is a mixed game with the pug also. So, it will not be that entertaining for the pig without that pug. 

  • Pros and Cons-
  1. It has some amazing pictures in it.
  2. It can keep your pig calm.
  • Cons-
  1. No cons found.

    3. Kiddy Pool:-

    Kiddy pool best toys for pigs

    This toy is very attractive to look at. It has a special watermelon shape. This toy is totally different from the other kiddy pools that are being sold online. We know how much pigs love to play with water. This can be a fun game for your children as well as for your animals also. In the summertime, it will be a very popular game. The kids or pigs can use it like a sandbox and also can use it like a pool. You will get to see how much water you have to put in because the mark is in the water pool.

    • How to play-

    As you can understand by the name, it is a pool so you should play in the water. It is a little bit big in size. After buying it, you have to put air in it so that it will get its actual shape. After getting the shape, just put water in it. And how much water you have to put, that you can get to know by the mark in it. After that just make your pig enter this pool. It is going to be fun for them. You can keep balls in this pool. So, they can play with balls also. 

    • Pros and Cons-
    1. You can use it for multiple purposes. 
    2. It can be a fun game in the summer season.
    3. Your kids can also play with this.
    • Cons-
    1. Mainly, it is a water game. So, in the winter season, it may not be that lovable to your pig.

    4. Bowling Ball, Soccer Ball, or 5-gallon bucket:-

    Bowling Ball, Soccer Ball, or 5-gallon bucket:-

    This bag has all the balls that you need. It is mainly for sports. You can get any ball from here. It can be a basketball, tennis ball, cricket ball, football, etc. It will work as a sports bag or gear. In this gear, you will find every ball that you need. So, you can be a little more organized with it. Also, if you want to carry the balls without the gear then you could carry only one or two. But with this bag, you can carry many. 

    • Pros and Cons-
    1. You can be a little more organized.
    2. You can carry it all in one.
    3. This is a long-lasting bag.
    • Cons-
    1. It has only sports use as a sports gear bag.

    5. Toddler toys:-

    toddler toys id the best toys for pigs

    This is pure creation, and this creation will give your animal a new sense of joy while playing. This game has four pieces of classic farm animals that can make beautiful live sounds. This toy comes with many animals within it in the form of a toy. So, for your pig, it can be really fun. Your child as well as your pig can play with it. They can smash it, they can squeeze it, or they can do anything they want. These toys are very much fluffy. The toys are also safe for the newborn baby. 

    • How to play-

    These toys are very soft in quality. Your pig can easily squeeze them. So, squeezing the animals by your pig or child can be one of the forms to play this game. The sizes of these toys are 5.5 inches. So, these are very good in size also. These are made with non-toxic materials, if the animal chews this, then also it will not be harmful to them. Among some of the unique features, you can use this for educational purposes also.

    • Pros and Cons-
    1. You can use it for multi-purpose.
    2. These toys are very soft in nature.
    3. They are made up of non-toxic materials.
    4. They can also be gift items.
    • Cons-
    1. The toys are not that creative. So, it can give boredom to your pig.

    6. Pianos:-

    piano is also best toys for pigs

    This amazing toy has 8 instrument sounds and 10 keys in it. The ten keys are- piano, violin, accordion, trumpet, vibraphone, oboe, guitar, and flute. So, one key has one single note. This piano can be easily played and it can improve the listening power of the pigs. With this piano, you can adjust the sound as per your need also. 

    • How to play-

    As I told you, it has 8 instrument sounds so you can play any sound you want. First, after opening the box, just keep your pig in front of this piano and let him play it. They can press whatever key they want and it will give a sound. That is the way you can play it.

    • Pros and Cons-
    1. The volume is adjustable.
    2. The batteries are giving power to it.
    3. It can be a perfect gift for the kids.
    • Cons-
    1. It is made up of a little bit of soft material, so it can be easily breakable.

    8. Pig Training Book:-

    pig training book

    Now, you may think that after playing these games, how to train your pig and get better results. So, here I am explaining one book that can really help you with that.

    As I discussed, a pig is almost like a human. So, if you want to train the pig, then most of the time you have to think like a human. They are intelligent animals. They are highly trainable and they thrive when their mind is stimulated and challenged.

    Also remember, that a trained pig can be the happiest one. First, you can hold some treats, and then you can command them to come. Like this, you can start the training. Training is something that you have to learn. You have to learn about mealtime, and lunchtime, as well as commanding, requesting, and ordering them.

    This book will help you to learn all the things needed to train them. Some important things that you will learn from this book are-

    1. Commanding Pig.
    2. Giving them a time bracket for launch, dinner, etc.
    3. Listening to orders, etc.

    These are some important points that this book will really help you to train your pig. You can get the total guide from this book.

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    There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the best toys for pigs. Some pigs like to play with soft toys, while others prefer hard toys. Some pigs like to chew on their toys, while others just like to nudge them around. The size of the pig also matters, as smaller pigs need smaller toys. The best way to determine what type of toy your pig will like is to try out a few different types and see which one is better for your pig.


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