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best outdoor Christmas lights

12 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for Your House

Are you looking for the best outdoor Christmas lights? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Christmas is something that will light you up with its charm. Christmas will bring prosperity, health, and wealth to your home as well as enlighten you and your family. Now all of us want to light up our homes this month or on the exact date of Christmas.

So, here I will discuss some lights which will help you to light up your home with a glimpse and spark. The products that I will discuss here are highly researched products. They are very good in terms of quality and also reasonable. These lights are best to use at Christmas or an event like that.

How to Choose Outdoor Christmas Lights?

Before buying lights, you must first choose what type of product or lights you want to go with. You have two options, one you can go with normal lights or incandescent lights or you can go with LED lights. If you go with LED lights, they can save 20 to 30 percent more electricity than normal ones.

Quality LED lights will last longer than normal lights (in most cases). LED lights are much lighter in weight than normal ones. Now coming to the main point which is the shine. If you notice, you may find that the normal light is more powerful, but the quality of the light or the color of the light is not up to the mark. Here also LED lights will stand a step ahead. And this is also the generation of modernity, so LED lights can be perfect.

The Light Bulbs-

There are many types of lights available, such as string lights, ring lights, etc., and both have a bulb shape or bulb variant. Tree lights are also very popular at Christmas. Tree lights are the most traditional lights that have been used for a very long time. The range or diameter of the bulbs is also perfect. So you can definitely choose it if you want.

Where to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights?

Now, it’s an art. No matter how good the lighting is, if you are not placing or hanging the light from the right place or corner then it is not going to work for you. So, very artistically you should have this option. Hanging lights in the evening will show their power to attract you or your feelings. For example, if you are installing tree lights, then you should install them properly and with a gap of at least 1 foot or 12 inches.

You can also go with bushes. Because if you can enlighten them with the shrubs above them, it is going to be a different level of beautification of your home. Also, you can do some creative work.

To wrap the normal or LED lights with colored paper which is very available in the market. And then you can keep or hang them from your balcony but that should not be too long.

It will suggest some ideas for your home an amazingly beautiful look that you just can’t even imagine. And then hang some strings of mini bulbs from your ceiling to the bottom and don’t forget to screw them down. Which will give creative look.

Now here I tell you about the 12 best outdoor Christmas lights that can turn your home into the heaven.

Best Waterproof Outdoor Christmas Lights

1. Ollny Christmas Lights

Ollny Christmas Lights Outdoor
Source: Amazon

The Olney Christmas lights are great with embedding in the cord and have no obvious bulging. So, with these lights, you will not face any kind of hassle. The lights are super as string lights, yet it is very compact for storage. If you buy one you will see that there is no confusion that comes with this light.

Special Feature-

It has got some very good special features and that is-

  1. It is coming with 3 timer mode.
  2. It also has a memory function.
  3. Very safe to touch.
  4. Coming with an extension cord.
  5. 8 lightning modes are available in this light.
  1. Most importantly it is coming with a high waterproof grade.
  2. It has got the UL588 certification with low output voltage.
  3. This is a remote control Christmas light, so you can operate it easily.
  4. The brightness level is too high and you can use it for any occasion.
  1. You may need a good space to decorate this light.

2. Icicle Christmas Lights

Ollny Icicle Christmas Lights Outdoor
Source: Amazon

This cool white color Christmas light is very bright. It’s got a length of 49 feet with a 9.8 feet extension cord. It contains a total of 99 drops and is divided into 3 groups. You can keep this light on all year round. This will give you a special kind of hanging look for your home.

Special Features-

Some of the special features are-

  1. It has an extra cord for a long connection.
  2. Light has a touch and remote control.
  3. Very safe to touch even in a witty case.
  4. This can save up to 90 percent of electricity.
  1. It will help to save energy and this is connectable.
  2. Long-lasting is one of the best qualities of this light.
  3. Very easy to install and it has got the UL588 certification.
  4. This light is waterproof.
  1. As this light is so long, you may have to extend your space.

3. Brizled Christmas String Lights

Brizled Christmas String Lights
Source: Amazon

This is a very tall light with 800 bulbs in it. The light is coming with 11 modes of lightning and a color-changing mode. With this light, you don’t need to extend it. This is a very long string light with a powerful glow. You can use it in the garden, terrace, yard, etc.

Special Features-
  1. The light is coming with automatic color changing.
  2. It can be used for multiple purposes.
  3. You can set a timer for a better experience.
  4. It has a remote control.
  5. Light has 4 levels of colorfulness.
  1. You will not need any extension with it.
  2. This has an automatic color-changing mode.
  3. You can select or decide the whiteness and the colorfulness of the light.
  4. This can be a good option at the commercial place also.
  1. As this is coming with 800 bulbs, so it may be possible that after some time some of the bulbs may defect.

4. Kwaiffeo Christmas Light

Kwaiffeo Christmas Lights Outdoor
Source: Amazon

The lights will just look like rain if you can hang them from a tree or you can even hang it from a shade or ceiling. But the hanging should be in a sequence. Otherwise, it will look like a mess. You will get the best effect if you connect at least 3 to 4 strings in a row. The power of energy is enough to beautify your home or lawn.

Special Features-
  1. The light is dustproof and corrosion-resistant.
  2. It has a wide application within it.
  3. UL-certified, so there is no risk.
  4. Very easy to install.
  1. The light is IP65 waterproof.
  2. It has 192 LED lights in it, so it is very very bright.
  3. This Christmas light can be perfect to hang from a tree, hotel hall, street, etc.
  4. You can use this for any occasion.
  1. This may take a larger place or space to become brighter.

5. Christmas String Lights

Christmas String Lights Outdoor
Source: Amazon

The light is 66 feet tall and is a multicolored Christmas light. The light consists of 640 LED lights strung with 120 drop strings. If you want, you can connect it to 3 fairy lights. You can choose any corner of your home and hang from there to meet your decoration needs. It can also be used at wedding parties.

Special Features-
  1. It can remain cool, after a long use also.
  2. Light has an advanced lighting source.
  3. Can be used for cozy, and relaxing holiday decorations.
  4. Can be a really good gift for others.
  1. Coming with an IP44 waterproof facility.
  2. This light is UL certified and safe to use.
  3. Very easy to install.
  4. The brightness is up to the mark.
  5. The weight is also very light.
  1. You may need to change them manually.

6. Dazzle Bright LED Christmas Light

Dazzle Bright 200 LED Christmas Mini String Lights
Source: Amazon

This is a dazzling mini-string light with 200 LED mini bulbs. The light has a 10 ft-long leading wire. And the string is 65 feet long. So, overall it is 75 feet tall, And the space between one bulb to another is 3.9 inches. The plug of that cord is very light in weight, and won’t be a problem if it hangs on.

Special Features-
  1. Coming with an electric cord.
  2. Coming with 29v low voltage.
  3. The leading wire is quite long, 10 ft.
  4. The hanging light will be the coolest one of all Christmas lights.
  1. The light is IP44 waterproof.
  2. It can be a perfect Christmas decoration.
  3. You can connect up to3 light strings.
  4. The light is very light in weight.
  1. 200 LEDs may be a little bit more than what you need to decorate your bedroom.

7. Christmas Icicle Lights With Clips

Christmas Icicle Lights with Clips
Source: Amazon

If you want to give a nice and beautiful look or ambiance to your home, then this light along with all the lights can be one of the best options for you. There are two sizes of light, and each is 15 inches. Also, a 12-inch artificial design has been given in it. It has a sparkling LED on the top of each top.

Special Features-
  1. You can control the light with the remote.
  2. This light can be connected to up to 36 sets.
  3. The light is UL certified.
  4. It is quite long, 14.9 ft long.
  1. The light is waterproof.
  2. You can use this light on any occasion, like- weddings, Christmas, etc.
  3. It has 50 light sources, so it is very bright.
  1. You should need a good-height tree to make a good ambiance.

8. Waterproof Meteor Shower Christmas Light

Christmas Lights Outdoor, Waterproof Meteor Shower Lights
Source: Amazon

As you can understand from the name, this is a shower light. And if you have a tree near your house or you can manage an artificial light it is going to look like heaven. Just hang it from the tree in a sequence, then it will be beautiful.

Special Features-
  1. It is coming with an after-sale warranty.
  2. The item is very light in weight. Just 9.1 ounces.
  3. The number of light sources is 2835.
  1. It may look long, but very easy to install.
  2. Light is very safe.
  3. It is waterproof.
  4. This is going to be a Christmas decoration.
  1. In my opinion, without the tree, it may not appear as the original one.

9. Jumbo C9 Christmas Light

Jumbo C9 Christmas Lights Outdoor Decorations Lawn with Pathway Marker Stakes
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for an extraordinary light, this might be one of them. This can bring something new to your home. These lights are Christmas Walkway Lights. The lights can be used on lawns. And these lights are very easy to install. This will bring some brightness to your home.

Special Features-
  1. For UL certification, the lights are very safe.
  2. Items are very easily replaceable here.
  3. The lights have got a 5w ground stake length.
  4. You will get color diversification here.
  1. The lights are waterproof.
  2. These lights got the UL certification so it is very safe.
  3. The lights are coming in the very perfect size.
  4. The colors are very unique here.
  1. If you don’t have the space or lawn then you have to think about the space to put it on.

10. 800 LED Christmas Light

800 LED Christmas Lights Outdoor
Source: Amazon

As you can understand from the name it is going to be quite long as it is coming with 800 LED lights. But if you have that space, it will be wonderful Christmas lights all around you. There are many scenes available here, and they can be used anywhere or on any occasion.

Special Features-
  1. It can work under the water also.
  2. It has a low output, so electricity consumption will become low.
  3. It is coming with timer mode and memory function.
  1. The lights are waterproof.
  2. You will get a wide range to use it.
  3. This is quite long, almost 330ft.
  4. The material is copper plastic.
  1. One pro can be one con also. Because it is too long.

11. Dazzle Solar String light

Dazzle Bright 2 Pack Solar String Lights Outdoor
Source: Amazon

Not just one, it also has 2 pack solar string lights. It is made up of 120 LED bulbs. This is a multi-colored light, and it will add a warm feeling to that occasion or Christmas. You can use it for any purpose. If you can decorate it can also be your garden light.

Special Features-
  1. Memory Function is one of its best features of it.
  2. The best part is made up of Copper.
  3. Trees can be very well decorated by these lights.
  1. It is coming with 8 different lighting modes.
  2. This will be charged by solar power, so you do not need electricity.
  3. It has a wide application.
  1. If you can not charge in different weathers, then it is going to be a problem.

12.  Christmas Snowflake Light

Christmas Snowflake Lights
Source: Amazon

This is a very nice or best string light that can be used as a Christmas light and can be used for other events as well. The length of the light is 10.66 feet and the length of the cable is 16.4 feet. You can easily connect this light.

Special Features-
  1. This is coming with a touch control panel.
  2. IP44 is certified, and it is very safe to use.
  3. It has got auto time with it.
  1. Easy to install.
  2. This can be a very good gift.
  3. The item is very light in weight.
  1. The item has no battery included in it.

What to Look for in Outdoor Christmas Lights?

On any occasion or any festival, if you want to buy any lights or any products then you should look for some important points that you should check, and that are-

  • First, research the types of Christmas lights.
  • After choosing the type, check the colors that you want to go with. And that should be related to festive.
  • Then check how much power that light is required to give backlights. Power consumption should be less.
  • The light should be easily installable.
  • Space is a very important point. So, it should be according to your space.
  • And lastly, the light must be easily controllable. Either remote control or manual control.

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