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Best bath toys for babies

Best Bath Toys for Toddlers and Babies

Bath time is a special time for bonding with your little one. It’s also a time when they can explore their senses and have lots of fun. That’s why it’s important to choose the best bath toys for your child. 

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing the best bath toys for toddlers or small babies. First, you want to make sure the toys are safe. They should be made of non-toxic materials and be free of small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Second, you want to choose bath toys that will encourage your child to play and explore. 

To help you choose the best bath toys for your toddler or baby, we’ve put together a list of our top picks. These bath toys are sure to make bath time fun for both you and your little one!

How to Choose Bath Toys?

So, whenever you choose bath toys for your babies or toddlers, I know that you will get the best of the best toys in every aspect. But do you know how to check the quality of the best safe toys? Let’s read it-

  1. Easy To Grip-

Gripping is one of the main concerns when choosing a toy for anyone. If the child cannot hold the toy properly, how can he/she feel the fun or enjoyment of that toy? The toy should have the property of being easy to grasp.

  1. Recommended choosing a bright-colored toy-

Color is one of the most important things that can attract a child first. Your kids don’t know anything about color selection so you can make your decision to choose the best color that your kid will love.

  1. The color and the material should not be harmful-

It’s something obvious, that should come with every toy. The material and color of the toy should not harm the health and skin of the child.

  1. Easy To Clean-

If we have toys for kids in our house then we have to clean them regularly. And if the toy is easy to clean, that would be great.

  1. The size of the toy does matter-

The shape of the toy should be very particular when it is for children. The size of toy should fit in the bathtub but should be large enough that the child cannot swallow it. Swallowing everything is a big concern with babies.

10 Best Bath Toys for Your Kids

1. Pindaloo Skill Game Toy

pindaloo Skill Game Toy with 2 Balls- Gifts for Kids and Adults Indoor

This is a very challenging and fun game for kids. Plus, it takes a lot of juggling. This can improve the eye-hand coordination of children. Plus, it can make for a nice hand-to-hand balance when the basics of the game are learned.


  • It contains one pipe with two balls. 
  • The material is good quality plastic.
  • You can return it and get a refund if you are not 100 percent happy.


  • Can be a very good exercise for the brain and mind.
  • You can use it as a gift.
  • A very good game for trips.
  • It will improve the balance of the brain.
  • This is a very good indoor and outdoor game.


  • It will be like an addiction after some time. So, be alert.

2. Britenway Fun Basketball and Balls Playset

BRITENWAY Fun Basketball Hoop & Balls

This is going to be a great bathtub game. This game or ball set can stick to any flat surface, so it can also be a great indoor or outdoor game. Simply because the suction cups here are very premium, they can be stuck to any surface. This can be one of the best bath toys for toddlers.


  • With the hoop, you are getting three balls included here.
  • The material is BPA-free.
  • The toy is made up of non-toxic plastic.
  • Can be best for three years and up children.


  • Very good for fighting ( Kids who fight during bath) kids.
  • Parents also can play with it.
  • One of the most entertaining games.
  • Can be played as an indoor and outdoor game.


  • Basketball is a familiar game, kids may lose interest after a while.

3. 3 Bees and Me Bath Toys

3 Bees & Me best Bath Toys for Boys and Girls

One of the most valuable toys for kids. Why pay extra for separate baby bath toys, here you can get a set of 4 boats in a pack. Your kids will play it with fun and love as it is a very fun bath time game.


  • You will get 4 boats in just 1 playset.
  • You will get the offer of a 60-day return.
  • The sets are very colorful.


  • Best for all preschool boys and girls.
  • The size is very perfect for little hands.
  • It will enhance motor skills and imagination.


  • Plastics are not that hard, kids can destroy them very early.

4. Nuby Floating Purple Octopus

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus with 3 Hoopla Rings Interactive Bath Toy

Bathtime play has never been so much fun before this toy came on the market. This troy is the best bath toy for a 1 or 2-year-old baby. This octopus has three rings and will encourage interactive play. Kids can spend hours and hours with it.


  • The material is BPA-free.
  • Very soft and flexible.
  • It can be molded very easily.


  • The color is very vibrant.
  • Vivid colors will draw the attention of your kid.
  • This will improve hand-eye coordination.


  • Your kid can feel boredom by repeatedly playing with this toy.

5. Boon Pipes Interactive Toy

Boon PIPES Interactive best bath toys for toddlers

There are 5 different shapes and sizes of toys in this pack. If you are looking for some cool interactive toys, then this pack of 5 toys can be a great option. Great for a baby or toddler shower. The sizes are very different from others in the market.


  • The packet has 5 toys in it.
  • Recommended for toddlers or kids under 12 months.
  • Toys have a special function and are very attractive.


  • Made up of very non-toxic material.
  • Very safe for the kids.
  • This has some unique shapes.


  • No Cons found.

6. Light-up Floating Dinosaur Bath Toys

6 Packs Light-Up Floating Dinosaur Bath Toys Set

Light can charm any of us, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter whether they are kids or adults, the light will attract everyone. So, these are the light-hearted games that you can give your kids during bath time. When the toys touch the water, their color will change.


  • The packet contains 6 pcs of toys in it.
  • The batteries will last up to three months.
  • The toys are 2.4 inches each. 
  • Harmless for kids under 6 months.


  • Perfect for small hands.
  • Very very safe.
  • Durable and value-for-money product.
  • You can use it as a gift also.


  • The only problem is, you have to change batteries from time to time.

7. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Baby and Toddler Bath Toy,

This toy is very innovative and best for babies or toddlers below the age of 4 to 6 months. The pack contains 4 pieces of toys. That means there are 2 fun characters and 2 spiny toys that can spin and rattle. So, this can be the best bath toy for 6 months babies.


  • Boys and girls both can use this toy, it is unisex.
  • The material is very soft plastic.
  • The packet has 4 pieces of toys in it.


  • It will improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Best toy for a 6-month-old kid.
  • To create attraction, the textured rings will move freely around the bubbles.


  • No cons found.

8. SEPHIX Bath Toys

SEPHIX Bath Toys for Toddlers 1-3 Year Old Boys Gifts

This item is basically for playing in the water. The packet contains 3 tortoise toys and also has a beautiful combination of colors like green, blue and pink. We know kids love turtle toys and that too with the great color combination.


  • The game contains 3 pieces of toys.
  • The material is a good quality plastic.
  • It is a non-battery toy.


  • This is the best gift for baby boys and girls.
  • The item is made up of non-toxic ABS plastic.
  • The colors are very vibrant and attractive.


  • The item is recommended for kids who are 12 months and up.

9. Robo Alive Battery Toys

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Battery-Powered Sing and Swim Bath Toy by ZURU

Sharks can be pretty scary for anyone, right? But this shark is very cute and it will be lovely for your kids or toddlers. It can also play songs while playing or taking a bath with this toy. The packet contains 1 water-activated shark bath toy and a user manual.


  • Made up of good quality plastic.
  • It has Robo-technology.
  • It has an A4 power save mode.


  • Can be used as a gift also.
  • Very unique and has an auto-switch-off facility.
  • Technology can play songs also.


  • Batteries need to be changed from time to time.

10. DWI Dowellin Bath Toys

Best bath toys fishing games.

The packet is full of very colorful attractive toys. And the toys are sealed and there is no chance of water getting inside. These toys are mold-free. The material is very nice and safe, which is a good quality rubber.


  • The pack contains a 1pc fishing pole, 4pc of fish, 2pc swimming whales, and 1pc fishing net.
  • The rubber is safe and non-toxic.
  • Very suitable for babies who are 18 months old.
  • This is a unisex game.


  • Value-for-money product.
  • This is a great game and can be played anywhere.
  • Also, this can be a learning toy for your toddler.


  • This can be a little confusing for babies under 1 year old.

What to Consider When Buying Bath Toys?

As I discussed above, whenever you are buying any kind of toys for your babies or small children or even for your animal, you need to keep some important things in your mind. Because toys are closest to your kids and they have to be trustworthy, right? So, the points are-

  1. Toys should be BPA-free or made of safe materials.
  2. It is better that the toys are safe to chew.
  3. Must be durable or long-lasting.
  4. Toys should be light in weight.
  5. Should be applied with small hands.
  6. Toys should be according to the age of the child.

So, these are some very important things that you should keep in your mind while buying toys. This will help you get good, safe, and attractive toys for your kids.

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After careful consideration, we’ve determined that the best bath toys for babies and toddlers are those that are safe, non-toxic, and durable. We also believe that children should be able to play with their bath toys without parents worrying about them breaking. Keeping these factors in mind, we have compiled a list of the best bath toys for your babies.


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